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About Us

My name is Traci Marion and I am the owner of BOSStitch.  I am expressive, passionate and personable, so I believe that custom-made items helps people to express themselves.  I love the very nature of creating.  If you're not satisfied, I'm not satisfied.  I look forward to personalizing your life!


    Let's throw some bones! Custom made dominoes makes a statement at any BBQ, house party, domino tournament, or one-on-one.

    Please email or call, to give details of color and design of how you want your custom order.

    Contact us to order dominoes 

    Pets are family too!

    Dress you pet with this breathable and comfortable tee for pets. It will not restrict movement and adds personality.

    How about a family photo...yes, please!

    Contact us to order pet tees 
  • Family

    Grandma would love a t-shirt with all of her grandchildren on it and we can make that happen.